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The International Money Transfers & Payments industry was like a secret society of sorts.  If you were in it, you knew all about it and if you wanted to get into it you didn’t know where to start. But with the growth of the industry, the increased focus on this dynamic space, the evolution and emergence of new entrants from across the digital and physical payments world, the movement of people across borders to find work and build a new life, a thriving network of industry professionals are now in every corner of the world. Around the Financial Services core, new services are emerging. And they all converge into this stage, this community, your network: The Platinum Network. At the same time the industry has been nurturing a broadening ecosystem of novel services providers, innovative solution builders and leading-edge innovators that are congregating into the network from all continents.

Designed & Built for you

The Platinum Network has been designed and built by the original IMTC Team directed by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, money transfer expert and long-time leader of the International Money Transfer & Payments Industry. The IMTC Conferences, developed by a dedicated & professional team with experience in the industry have been the building block of this network. IMTC WORLD in Miami Beach is the largest gathering of the IMT&P industry with close to 500 attendees from 350+ companies coming from 45+ countries.

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